DDR & Czech Working German Shepherd dogs
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Cerna Bohemia


Our German Shepherd K-9 Cerna Bohemia is specialized in breeding East German (DDR) and Czech German Shepherd dogs. This is a deliberate choice, as we like to select on a strong, robust structure, a powerful head, strong big paws, a rich, full coat and an intense dark pigment. Honest, stable and hard working drives qualify this type of dog as an excellent service dog.  
Where in Western European GSD-lines a lot of these traits went lost, they are still very much present in East European lines. During the former DDR-regime, the selection of the breeding stock was so hard, that the results in the form of aforementioned traits are still guaranteed today. This is why we have chosen to lose ourselves in this single branch of the German Shepherd Dog.
Our goal is, to quote Herr Severin from Germany, “die Zucht von gesunden und hart belastbaren, trieb und knochenstarken tief dunkelgrauen Deutschen Schäferhunden aus alten DDR- Linien”. Loosely translated : the breeding of healthy, stable and hard East German and Czech Shepherd Dogs, with special emphasis on a powerful, robust structure, a rich and full coat and a deep black sable colour.

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Pieter and Barbara